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2009 was a great year to take the opportunity and invest in real estate.  Jason and Darrell began to acquire properties and saw the same thing over and over, “Deferred Maintenance”.  These massive old structures were not being taken care of and were becoming a blight.  The decision was made to not only repair but beautify the community one house at a time.  


Larger opportunities including multi residential and commercial opportunities soon followed.

Commercial opportunities allowed us to thrive as a team that offers design, planning and construction. In addition to this qualities we also brought our diverse backgrounds (skillsets) together- one business man, one construction. In conjunction, our partnerships create an action based development team.

Jason and Darrell Vanderstelt downtown Charlotte, MI in January 2017




Brothers in business- Brothers Jason and Darrell have been working with each other long before Dutch Brothers. On the left: Jason (white shirt) and Darrell (blue shirt) in 1981. On the right: Jason and Darrell participating in a charity golf outing in 2014.



Darrell discovered his natural ability to lead while serving as a Civil Engineer in the Air Force. He applied this experience by building an independent enterprise, and later partnered with his brother forming Dutch Brothers Development Group. Darrell has been involved in the launch and operation of multiple investment groups. He also has expertise in the residential development industry and over 15 years of experience in the field. With his leadership, investment mindset, and construction background, you’ll find Darrell onsite at development locations managing multiple teams and making things happen.



Jason Vanderstelt is Co-Owner of Dutch Brothers Development Group, a real estate development firm in Mid-Michigan.  Entrepreneurship and community development came at an early age for Jason.  He started (and still owns) his first business at 12 years old, and was elected to the Charlotte City Council at 23.  Jason owns multiple businesses in various industries.  He also has worked in marketing and advertising for 20 years.  The combination of these skills benefit his ongoing involvement in CharlotteRising, a community organization focused on the revitalization efforts of the Charlotte Community.

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