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We partner with others to bring together profitable ideas in real estate. We believe that you know your business best. That's why we want to create an environment that reflects your vision. 

Dutch Brothers offers the opportunity to partner with your project needs.  We bring our unique skillset and development experience.  Each project is different and we would be happy to speak with you about your vision for your property/business development project.

Current Client Project Feature

The Doolittle Building

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We are pleased to be working with Fred & Lorri Doolittle. They have big plans for this big building!

The Doolittle Building sits ts in the middle of the northwest block of Cochran Avenue.  This mid-century modern design is well recognized.  It has a long history of financial business use, and will again after remodeling in 2018. It will combine both the Charlotte and Eaton Rapids Ameriprise Financial offices owned by Lorri into the downtown location.  The firm serves of 700 clients and will host them and the community at this building when completed.

This location was originally the site of two buildings when  constructed in 1886.  It had one as a bank and the other as a hardware store. In 1960 a major reconstruct was done combining both buildings into one, and the mid-century modern façade was constructed.  It was a bank building from 1960-2012.

A major remodel is planned for 2018.  It will significantly enhance the downtown aesthetics when complete. 

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